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We are celebrating 44 years!

Home of the famous Grossberger Salad!

The Grossberger is an antipasta salad consisting of fresh crispy iceburg lettuce piled high with freshly sliced ham, italian salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese, pepperoncini, black olives, sweet onions, and bell peppers.

The Grossberger salad was named after a couple that frequented the restaurant in the 70's. Originally they would order the 'LaRich salad' - an antipasta salad for 1-2 people. Then they started bringing their daughter in to share the salad plate, and would ask if it could be larger. Soon after that, their daughter brought in her husband, and they needed the salad even larger. The waitress would take her order back to the kitchen and say "make me a Grossberger". Eventually the Grossberger salad was listed on the menu and became one of our most popular items.

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