LaRich’s Pizza – home of the famous Grossberger Salad

Our History

The Grossberger salad is named in honor of the family that frequented our restaurant in the 1970’s. Mr. and Mrs. Grossberger always ordered our LaRich salad, an antipasto salad for 2 people, but then their family grew and they asked to make it for 3 so their daughter could share too. Their family grew even larger and they asked to make it larger so their new son-in-law could enjoy it as well! It turned into our waitstaff simply telling the kitchen crew “I need a Grossberger salad!” It stuck, and now it’s on our menu.

There are two things we care about above all else at LaRich’s Pizza: the quality of the food we serve and the families that we serve.

The Grossberger salad is an antipasto salad consisting of fresh crispy iceberg lettuce piled high with freshly sliced ham, Italian salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese, pepperoncini, black olives, sweet onions and bell peppers.

Be sure to ask for one on your next order!

Our Quality

We use the finest and freshest ingredients at LaRich’s Pizza, Stanislaus’s real Italian tomatoes are the base of our homemade red sauce and Grande’s premium cheese tops our pizzas to create a quality pizza that no other chain pizza can match.