• Lenten Specials

      Beginning Ash Wednesday through Easter

    • Fish Fry Dinner


      4 (2 oz) Beer Battered Cod Fillets. Served with a hearty portion of French fries and house made Coleslaw and Tartar sauce.

    • Alaskan Wild Wings


      6 pc. breaded Alaskan Wild Pollock. Served with Tartar Sauce

    • Beer Battered Cod Fillet


COVID-19 Pizzeria Operations:

We are committed to serving our customers during this COVID-19 event.  We are still able to operate under Governor DeWine’s Stay at Home Order. We have made the necessary adjustments to our business to protect our customers and our employees:

  • A MESSAGE FROM KIM & TERRY LaRICH (updated 5/16): We want to extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to you, our customers! We have received a true overwhelming show of support from our community and we couldn’t thank you enough. Please know that our pick up and delivery times have been just a bit extended due to the high volume of business. As always, we will let you know an approximate pickup/delivery time when you place your order.  We thank you for your patience during these crazy times!
  • CLEANING: We are a long standing family business and have always valued your trust in us to feed your family and friends, using the industry standard practices, but in light of these recent events we have completed (and enforced) additional and repetitive trainings to remind our staff the importance of 30 second hand washing, sanitizing our credit card machine, cash register and phones. We have also implemented a new rule where personal cell phones can not enter our kitchen. Please keep reading to learn the precautions we have taken.
  • HOURS: We will close at 9pm every evening. We have limited our staffing and are fully supporting the 6 foot distance to the best of our abilities within the kitchen.
  • TAKE OUT: We are still offering takeout via phone (440-449-2360) or our online ordering systemOur lobby is now open for take out orders. The lobby is still being cleaned and sanitized frequently throughout the day as customers/employees enter and exit. Our credit card machine is also being sanitized after every use.
  • DELIVERY: Our deliverer’s will not enter any home or business facility to adhere to the CDC’s Social Distancing recommendations. We ask you be prepared to receive orders (even large orders) at your door.Your delivery options have not changed, you can still place an order over the phone (440-449-2360) or through our online ordering system or Door Dash.
    • Door Dash Customers: Please note Door Dash has implemented their own safety precautions including no-contact delivery.
      • Please be mindful of these new procedures, and understand how important these workers are for not only our pizzeria, but many local restaurants. 
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New! Online ordering now available…

We are excited to announce we have partnered with Door Dash! This now provides our customers the second option to place orders online—for delivery!

Order Food Delivery with DoorDashOur History


Our History

The Grossberger salad is named in honor of the family that frequented our restaurant in the 70’s. Mr. and Mrs. Grossberger always ordered our LaRich salad, an antipasta salad for 2 people, but then their family grew and they asked to make it for 3 so their daughter could share too. Their family grew even bigger and they asked if to make the salad larger for their new son-in-law. It turned into our waitresses simply telling the kitchen they needed a Grossberger Salad. It stuck, and now it’s on our menu.

There are two things that we care about above all else at LaRich’s Pizza, the quality of our food and the families we feed.

The Grossberger is an antipasta salad consisting of fresh crispy iceburg lettuce piled high with freshly sliced ham, Italian salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese, pepperoncini, black olives, sweet onions, and bell peppers.

440-449-2360 | 797 BISHOP RD HIGHLAND HTS, OHIO 44143

Our Quality

We use the finest and freshest ingredients at LaRich’s Pizza. Stanislaus’s real Italian tomatos are the base of our home made sauce and Grande’s premium cheese tops our pizzas to create a quality pizza that no chain pizza can match.